Fun Activities With Kids in San Diego Area



Let’s face the reality that raising a family can be quite expensive and many are saving up for the whole year to have a family vacation. Yet, parents oftentimes have a hard time finding destinations that are perfect for their budget and as a result, they look for locations to which offer free and fun activities for children.

While a lot of desirable cities are offering children’s attractions, only few have free activities to which children of different ages will enjoy. Well, this is not the case when it comes to the city of San Diego. Aside from having the best weather, perfect location and lots of public beaches, there are also lots of fun activities in San Diego that are offered for free. Moreover, many of the hotels in the area have packages which allowed children to stay and eat free.

Normally, it is hard to keep our kids entertained as they get bored easily on something, this is true even when you’re on a vacation especially when you’re travelling on strict budget. Fortunately, San Diego is a place to visit if you’re looking for attractions and activities that are perfect for your children and can keep your family entertained. Few of the FunGig attractions that the whole family will enjoy include:

Number 1. New Children’s Museum

Every month, all visitors will get a free pass into the museum on every second Sunday. The museum was primarily designed for children and on these days, they are offering special performances aside from the child friendly exhibits, large play space and interactive displays.

US Olympic Training Center

This is a 150 acre complex that’s dedicated to train aspiring Olympians and has already sent several athletes to the Olympics since the first time it was erected in 1995. There are free tours of the facility including the opportunity for both children and adults to talk to some coaches and trainers and even athletes which are offered every Tuesday.

Old Town State Park

Free educational tours are offered in this large park which is basically the location of original foundation of the city. There are many buildings of interests that stayed in this area but by far, the favorite amongst children is Whaley House. This is alleged as being one of the most haunted houses in across the US, which is not surprising why many children are interested to go in here.

With all these FunGig activities in San Diego, you don’t have to spend significant sum of money just to enjoy and bond with your family.


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